Women's Republican Club

                      of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

       Our Past Presidents

  Susan Somberg, 2019-present

  Hilary Till, 2018

  Margaret "Peggy" Siebert, 2016-2017

  Jennifer Neubauer 2014-2015
  Mrs. William Madden (Kim) 2012-2013
  Mrs. Walter Falkowski (Pat) 2010-2011
  Mrs. Jan Gibson 2008-2009
  Mrs. John Kammerer (Pat) 2006-2007
  Mrs. John Gram (Mary) 2004-2005
  Mrs. Robert Price (Cesilie) 2002-2004
  Mrs. Richard Mandahl (Ruth) 2000-2002
  Mrs. David Crouse (Terese) 1999-2000
  Mrs. James Bauer (Jill) 1997-1999
  Mrs. Stacy Ball 1994-1996
  Mrs. Corinne (Paul) Wood 1992-1994
  Mrs. Orville C. Beattie (Mary) 1989-1991
  Mrs. Daniel Yomine (Jeanne) 1988-1989
  Mrs. Richard Gnospelius (Sue) 1986-1987
  Mrs. John Sandner (Carole) 1985-1986
  Mrs. Virginia M. McGeehee (Ginni) 1983-1984
  Mrs. Benjamin J. Masters (Jean) 1981-1982
  Mrs. Charles David Maley (Mildred) 1979-1980
  Mrs. John Smith (JoAnn) 1977-1978
  Mrs. George Lambert (Mary) 1976-1977
  Mrs. Barbara Berg 1975-1976
  Mrs. Shirley Neal 1974-1975
  Mrs. Gordon H. Smith (Ruddy) 1972-1973
  Mrs. Paul Brown (Elizabeth) 1969-1971
  Mrs. Albert Gravenhorst (Sue) 1966-1968
  Mrs. Thomas C. Bailey (Verna) 1965-1966
  Mrs. Harmon Woodworth (Betty) 1962-1964
  Mrs. Rhoades V. Newbell (Ruth) 1960-1961
  Mrs. Hempstead Washburn, Jr. (Scott) 1958-1959
  Mrs. John Trussell (Mary) 1956-1957
  Mrs. Stewart Griffith (Bea) 1955-1956
  Mrs. Robert Coghill (Marjorie) 1954-1955
  Mrs. Otis Carney (Frederika) 1953-1954
  Mrs. Garritt Rutgers (Fran) 1951-1952
  Mrs. Wesley Dixon Sr. (Kitty) 1949-1950
  Mrs. Hempstead Washburn, Sr. (Mary) 1947-1948
  Mrs. Edward K. Welles (Betty) 1946-1947
  Mrs. Arthur Dixon (Anita) 1944-1945
  Mrs. Charles Haffner (Mary) 1943-1944
  Mrs. William Gourley 1941-1942

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Our Current Leadership


Susan Somberg is the President.  Susan is also Treasurer of the Lake Forest Symphony Guild, and co-treasurer of the Lake Forest Women’s Club. Currently Susan works for Academic Pharmaceuticals as office manager and manager of the Editorial Office of the American Journal of Therapeutics, published by The American Institute of Therapeutics in Lake Bluff, IL. Susan attended Graham College in Boston and took several courses in everything from music appreciation at Harvard night school to tidal pool ecology at the New England Aquarium. In 2014 she enrolled and completed “Coursera” on-line courses in archaeology, animal behavior, nutrition and the fall and rise of Jerusalem. She and husband John, have two daughters, Iris, who works in Washington, DC. and Trudie, who is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michell Parnell is the 1st Vice President.   

Lisa Roti is the 2nd Vice President.  Lisa's interest in grassroots politics began when she became a Heritage Action Sentinel in 2015. She serves as a  precinct committeeman in Libertyville Township.. As an eleven year member and current president of the Libertyville Junior Woman's Club, Lisa has initiated many fundraising and community enrichment events. She is also a catechist for her children's religious education program at St. Joseph Church, Libertyville. Lisa earned a BA in Political Science from Loyola University (Chicago) and is currently a program manager for a large social service agency. She resides in Libertyville with her husband of twenty years, their two children and Louis, their black Lab rescue dog.

Angie Sage is Recording Secretary.

Advisory Board:   Former WRC Presidents Hilary Till, Peggy Siebert, Jennifer Neubauer & Kim Madden in addition to members Kirsten Howe and Betsey Thurman

Advisory Board Emeritus:  Pat Kammerer, 2016 Winner, WRC "President's Award" (deceased 2018).

Our Members

Membership in the Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff is open to all women and men in our area and all federal and state GOP officeholders.  Dues are $30 per year or $250 for a lifetime membership. Many of our members are GOP committeemen and local and even state-wide office-holders.

Our Free to the Public and Other Events

Our Annual Meeting is held in January, but we have several meetings, candidate "meet & greets" and other events throughout the year.  Member benefits include discounts on priced events and the knowledge one is underwriting free events that spread the GOP message. 

In short, our members and their dues and donations are what make the WRC work!  Join Us!